A Track Record of Success and Trust

Joe has fought the battles for his constituents for over a decade as your Regional & Municipal Councillor, and Catholic School Board Trustee. Joe will continue this dedication for Durham residents at Queen’s Park.

Fiscal Conservative

As a Regional and Local Councillor, Joe has continuously held regional and local governments to be fiscally responsible. He has advocated to keep our taxes down to benefit our residents and businesses. This same philosophy needs to become part of provincial policy.

Hydro Fiasco

Residents of Durham and across Ontario have had enough of constantly rising Hydro costs, and this is driving business out of Ontario. These costs must be lowered … without mortgaging our future.

Ensure Future of Health Care

A strong economy is key to funding health care, and we must maintain and expand long-term care beds in our community, plus advocate for more comprehensive senior services.

Expand Durham’s Economy

Durham’s economy must diversify. Small business will be a key driver for job growth and policies on taxation and electricity costs must not discourage this expansion.

Stop High Density Housing in Established Neighbourhoods

Residents need to be protected from unexpected rezoning for high density housing; this needs to be part of long term planning so that homeowners are not caught by surprise.