January 31, 2017

Regional Councillor Joe Neal has announced he will be seeking the Progressive Conservative nomination for the next provincial election for the Durham riding.
Neal cites his 12 year record of public service as school trustee, Local Councillor and his current role as Regional Councillor for Clarington as important steps in understanding and representing the voice of the constituents.

Neal feels his 33 year law practice including 4 years as company president give him unique insights into issues surrounding fiscal responsibility and accountability.

Neal believes that the Wynne government has lost touch with the residents of Ontario, which resulted in a revolt over hydro rates. Neal feels that they should never have sold off part of Hydro One. Neal is also committed to standing up for the residents of Durham.  “Durham Region residents tell me they appreciate my stance on taxes. I have fought the battle both at Clarington and the Region over wasting taxpayer money. Furthermore, the constant increasing of taxes, and with cap and trade recently hiking gas taxes, I believe taxpayer fatigue has become a huge issue for Ontario”.

Neal looks forward to serving the citizens of Durham.  “As we march towards Election Day, I will be meeting with people across Durham and talking about the issues, and I look forward to getting to work on these issues at Queen’s Park”.  



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